DiSProD is an online planner developed for environments with probabilistic transitions in continuous state and action spaces. DiSProD builds a symbolic graph that captures the distribution of future trajectories, conditioned on a given policy, using independence assumptions and approximate propagation of distributions. The symbolic graph provides a differentiable representation of the policy’s value, enabling efficient gradient-based optimization for long-horizon search. The propagation of approximate distributions can be seen as an aggregation of many trajectories, making it well-suited for dealing with sparse rewards and stochastic environments. An extensive experimental evaluation compares DiSProD to state-of-the-art planners in discrete-time planning and real-time control of robotic systems. The proposed method improves over existing planners in handling stochastic environments, sensitivity to search depth, sparsity of rewards, and large action spaces. Additional real-world experiments demonstrate that DiSProD can control ground vehicles and surface vessels to successfully navigate around obstacles.


Controlling Jackal

Controlling Heron